Longest View Conversation: Sixers, Kyrie, Bucks, Dennis Smith, and More

Hey there, Jack Coolahan here. Today, we are offering our readers a look into a short email chain between myself and Executive Curator of Takes Connor Grabowski. We test out some hot takes and air out our frustrations regarding the NBA. I would love to title this article a “roundtable,” but our website only has two writers, so it’s a conversation. Again, please contact us if you are interested in writing.

Jack: Hey Connor, here are a few takes for you on this lovely afternoon. I honestly think Embiid might stay healthy this year. Apparently, he’s been working on his landing mechanics this offseason, so hopefully he won’t keep landing awkwardly after dunks and blocks. I kind of want the Cavs to trade Kyrie to the Knicks, mostly because Porzingis NEEDS help. The best case situation for their careers would be to stay far away from New York, but Kristaps doesn’t have a choice, at least right now. Otherwise, it’s a pretty slow time for NBA news right now. When do you think Okafor is getting traded?


Good afternoon my good sir, I enjoyed those takes of yours!

I too think Joel Hans Embiid will be healthy for the majority of the season. I have always believed that his slew of injuries and setbacks were primarily coincidental and not a danger to his long-term health and longevity. I just think his body grew too fast for how little basketball he’s played in Cameroon. So as he develops more as an athlete, he’ll have less and less injuries. Right?

Kyrie to the Knicks would surely be saucy. What do the Knicks have that teams want besides like Filthy Frank and future picks? You’d probably have to get a third team like Phoenix involved to send out Bledsoe and some picks and maybe even highly-touted center, Alex Len! I really do think Kyrie will stay in Cleveland and will have an ungodly uncomfortable year on the Cavs with his drama, LeBron’s drama and DRose’s imploding ACLs. I would love to see Kyrie go to Minnesota though. Kyrie-Teague-Wiggins-JB-KAT … yikes. Imagine how little defense would be played by that team.

Here are some takes of my own:

  1. Dennis Smith Jr. will either suck or get injured really early on in the year. He has too many *almost* dunks for him too be a stud and/or healthy in his rookie year. The fact that he’s #2 in the odds for ROY is a joke. What’s an even bigger joke is that I would have drafted him at 3 if we didn’t trade for Fultz. I’m such a hypocrite. I’m also a huge JTate and Jackson hater.
  2. The Bucks will be bad this year and win no more than 45 games. Everyone’s super high on them because they got the 6 seed in a super weak east last year, but they didn’t really add anyone and a bunch of other teams did (1-2-3-4-5-Sixers). Their bench is also pretty rough and Brogdon is aging. The Rookie of the Year in the twilight of his career! Sad!
  3. Jahlil Okafor will play the whole season with the Sixers, and I’m pretty sure of it. I think they’ll just decline his option and he can go waste away in Chicago next summer. There’s no way Colangelo is still popping his collar and waiting for better offers like he claimed to do with Portland and Denver back at the deadline.

Also, an underrated headline is that Nerlens still isn’t signed. The Mavs are being bums and not giving him what he wants because his market is so dry. Would you rather have an underpaid Nerlens back or Justin “Can’t Play Basketball” Anderson and two second round picks that we will probably trade for Cash Considerations anyway. Granted, Cash Considerations is a decent player with some upside.

Jack: Lot of Takes to make my way through here. Kyrie on the wolves would certainly be interesting. They’d probably have to give up Wiggins to get him, so you can take Wiggins out of your theoretical lineup. I think Thibs, Jimmy Butler, and Taj Gibson would just force the young guys to play. I could see them finishing top 4 in the west. Your DSJ take is certainly a hot one. I’m not as low on him as you are, but I agree people are overreacting to his summer league performance. Point guards often go through a lot of growing pains and I don’t think he’ll win Rookie of the Year. I’m also annoyed at people’s optimism about Milwaukee. A lot of NBA writers think they’re going to be the next East team to make the Finals, but they lost to the Raptors, who got smoked by the Cavs. It all depends on how much improvement Giannis can make.


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